Got me an iPod

9 04 2007

Ok, so I claimed I’d never buy one, but I did.
I got a 4GiB nano in silver.

Unfortunately, the G2 model doesn’t play nice with Ubuntu 6.06 and my system is refusing to upgrade to a version that has patches available (this is a fixed issue in Feisty Fawn, which isn’t out yet in it’s final form), so I’ve had to use iTunes 7 under Windows XP on one of our non-linux systems.
iTunes is pretty decent as far as music managment goes, but how it does music transfer to the iPod could be better.
You can’t just drag files to the iPod like you can with most other MP3 players and their software, you have to create a playlist and sync it with your iPod, which seems like a bit of unneeded fuss.




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