20 03 2007

Hello, welcome, konnichiwa, Willkommen, benvenuto and so on and so forth.

I go by Nuvo when online, but not many people on the web know my actual name, which is how I like it.
I’m 21 (22 in June), from northern England and I’m openly nerdy to the point of correcting almost every single thing people say wrong from what Big Ben is (actually the bell inside the clock tower) to why people don’t usually die when their car is hit by lightning (not rubber tires, Faraday Cage Principle!).

I enjoy playing console games and doing some web development on my Linux powered PC.
I currently use PHP, mySQL, Ruby on Rails, standards compliant XHTML 1.0 & CSS and I hate having to use tables for anything, so it’s DIV tags all the way.
I’ve been thinking of looking into Flex or Open Lazslo for RIA development to compliment the Rails AJAX stuff, which is pretty nice itself (Rails uses Prototype and scriptaculous for it’s AJAX).

When it comes to gaming, I’ve got a PS2, an Xbox and a premium Xbox 360 that I got at launch (though I had to have it repaired, costing me a few achievements, such as those in Kameo as I solid it due to having no intentions of playing though it again) and actually, that little remote is useful.
I mostly play racing games, platformers, RPG’s and stratergy games, but I’m also partial to the odd FPS and \ or 3rd person shooter such as Gears of War.
I’m a LIVE Gold user and I’ve been slowly building up my achievements, though I’m nowhere near the scores that some people have (I’ve only got something like 3570

Members of Webmaster-Post and Sokial will no doubt know me as I work on both sites (I’m an admin on WP and a mod on Sokial… Both sites were created by the sameguy, but WP was sold and I remained there).

Expect this blog to end up being mostly about games, web dev and tech in general.




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